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Welcome to BRUN Building Technologies

Here at BRUN Building Technologies, brevis (BBT) we strive to meet the demands of today’s consumers and builders. We believe there is an increasing desire for construction methods that are fast, efficient and easy to build. BBT can offer a variety of innovative building envelope assemblies to reduce execution time on construction sites through prefabricated, project specific solutions of Structural Insulated Panels (also known as SIPs). We also offer a range of other related insulation products that were developed for the highest eco-efficiency building designs such as Passive House (Passiv Haus) in Europe or NETzero in North America.

Steel Faced Panel

Sandwich Panel used in Industrial, Commercial, Agriculture or Residential construction.

Structural Insulated Panel

Load Bearing panel used in Residential, Commercial, Agriculture or Industrial construction.

RIM Board

Ledger or RIM board used for structural loads, covered with Insulation Foam for efficient solutions.